Can I substitute a different CD within a Special Offer bundle? 

         No, substitutions are not allowed in bundled deals.

What equipment do I need to play the digital downloads?

         Digital downloads REQUIRE a media player that specifically plays .m4a or ALAC (Apple Lossless) files. Several are available for all devices. DO NOT convert your download to any other format, as it will distort the healing energy technology.

       These are not normal music CDs. They are embedded with a therapeutic technology that sets up quantum healing fields in your environment. Play the original product that you receive. The files are stabilized to protect the integrity of the healing energies. Transferring to any other format distorts the effectiveness of these vibratory remedies.

Do I need to keep my attention focused on the sound?

       No. In fact you do not have to pay attention to the sound at all. The quantum-therapeutic energies are effective even when you’re busy doing something else.

How loud does it need to be?

       It can be as loud or soft as you want, whatever is comfortable. As long as you can barely hear it in the background, it means that you are in the energy fields and you will receive the full benefits.

What are the unusual noises I sometimes hear? 

       You may hear occasional clicks, ringing, swishes, hums, rumbles, clanking and other unusual sounds. Nothing is wrong with your CD. What you are hearing is the audible component of some of the quantum aggregate energies. These sounds are a necessary part of the therapy experience.

One time the sound seemed irritating, why is that?

       The Quantum Sensory Experience™ technology has a push/pull effect for many people; meaning they are both attracted to it because of the powerful results, yet repelled from it because of a resistance to change. Change can sometimes be uncomfortable and experienced as an agitation.

       There is a normal tendency for people to hold on to old patterns and resist change. It feels safer to remain in the old because you know what to expect, however your life would also remain the same. This technology continually up-levels and re-patterns the negative consciousness that holds a person in old realities.

       It energetically leads the listener into NEW territories that are unfamiliar, and may therefore create a subconscious sense of uncertainty. This would result in minor irritations for some people. However after some of the upgrading has occurred, a state of euphoria will often follow, and it becomes quite comfortable.

Should I use headphones or speakers?

       It is okay to use headphones, however some of the benefits would be missed. It’s better to use speakers so that the Quantum Sensory™ energies totally surround the body.

Do I need special speakers?

       No, standard home audio equipment is fine, including portable boom boxes. If you have a choice, larger speakers are usually better than tiny ones, but the sound does not have to be very loud. It can be soft in the background and still be totally effective.

Will it affect other people in my environment?

       Yes, if they are close enough they will also get the benefits. If the therapeutic energies are not needed by that other person they simply pass through them and have no effect.

What if my CD skips?

       Because of the embedded technology, these products are more energy sensitive than commercial CDs. Handle them with care. If you have one that skips, it may not be the fault of the CD itself.

       Check your CD player first. Make sure it is working properly by comparing other CDs. Also make sure the laser lens is clean. Very often moisture and debris in the air can build up and cloud the laser beam.

       There is a very quirky thing about this quantum technology. Because it works with up-leveling your consciousness, there are interactive changes that happen in your energy field (in real time) that can sometimes interfere with how the CD player is reading the embedded technology. And in rare cases the energy interaction may cause a temporary playback skip to occur. Normally when you play the CD again it will not skip in the same place (or at all), because the real-time shifting of your consciousness will have re-stabilized by then.

       If this sounds ridiculous, remember that there was a time when people truly believed that the earth was flat. This is an advanced technology that is multidimensional, and it is not a science that is currently being taught at universities.

      If you feel there is a manufacturing flaw go to the customer service section of this website.

What is ALAC?

      Apple Lossless, also known as Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC), is an audio coding format developed by Apple and supported on iPhone, iPad, most iPods, Mac and iTunes. ALAC encoding and decoding reduces the size of audio files without destroying the effectiveness of the quantum healing energies. 

       Apple Lossless data is frequently stored within an MP4 container with the filename extension .m4a. Other lossless codecs, such as FLAC and Shorten, are not currently supported by Diamond Crystal Music.

      Lots of programs support the playback of .m4a files, including iTunes, QuickTime, Windows Media Player (v11 requires the K-Lite Codec Pack), Media Player Lite, Media Player Classic, VLC, Winamp, and most likely some other media player applications. However you may have to update to the latest version if you have any playback issues. 

     Mobile devices may or may not have native support for .m4a playback. You will have to check to make sure. Rhythmbox is a M4A player for Linux, and Mac users can open M4A files with Elmedia Player. Android tablets and phones may or may not function as M4A players. There are still a lot of media players that DO NOT support M4A on Android devices. 

      PowerAmp is an Android Music Player that supports a wide variety of audio formats including ALAC. It is currently available as a free 14-day trial from Google Play Store. The full version OS is available as a separate purchase.

Can I transfer a digital download to another format?

       No. The same stabilizing process used for the CDs is applied to the digital download files. Do not transfer them to another format. The only players that maintain the integrity of the healing energies are ones that play .m4a files or Apple Lossless files (ALAC).

       This means do not use a converter for any reason, including converting to FLAC. Just because it may sound the same to your ears, conversions of any kind will cause a parageometric distortion in the healing technology. Do not let someone try to convince you that it won’t make a difference, because they probably have not been educated in energetics beyond the electromagnetic domain. There are free ALAC players available online for all devices (refer to players that play .m4a files). 

Can I copy a CD to my mp3 player or computer hard drive for playback?

       No. If you copy a Quantum Sensory™ CD to any other medium it causes a distortion in the energy fields and alters its effectiveness. This CD is not like a regular commercial CD. Special equipment is used to properly stabilize the healing vibrations in the manufacturing processes. Play the original CD that you purchase.

How often should I use them?

       The amount of use is whatever is comfortable to you. There are no dangers with overuse. However less is usually more, meaning that excessive use doesn’t help your negative consciousness shift any faster. The optimum use is once or twice in a row for any particular CD. Your body needs time to integrate the positive changes that occur during a listening period. If you play the same CD more than twice, back to back, your body intelligence will simply hold off on completing the integration process until it is not exposed to those specific energy fields any more.

       However you can play a different Quantum Healing CD right after listening to one. That’s because your body intelligence is capable of completing the energy integration from one CD while starting to absorb new information from a different CD.

       Use your intuition for how much you want to use them. As long as you rotate titles, you can play them all day long. They are intentionally designed so that the healing energies do not interfere with any of the other Quantum Healing CDs.

Can I use them at night while I’m sleeping?

       Most titles will benefit you even when you are sleeping. The exceptions are the ones that require muscle movement to get the most integration into your body. These are easy to identify because the music will be upbeat, or more aggressive and less laid back, which makes it difficult to fall asleep when they are playing.

Are there any dangers from this technology?

       No, there are only benefits.

Are there any side effects?

       No, other than having an improved life over a period of time, there are no side effects. Sometimes you may not like the sound of a particular CD, which is usually because the technology is deeply chipping away at negative beliefs in the subconscious.

       You may perceive those positive adjustments as uncomfortable feelings or agitating sounds, but they cannot harm you. After some up-leveling has grounded into your consciousness they will start to sound better to you. And don’t forget, they don’t have to be very loud. If you experience irritation from the sound, turn the volume down. As long as you can just barely hear it in the background you will still get the full benefits.