Prosperity Abundance – 5 CD Set

$ 80.00

These 5 CDs collectively interact with each other to create a multitude of quantum sensory healings in order to up-level your prosperity consciousness.

Remember this is a healing technology. The music is written to follow the movement of quantum energy patterns as they chip away at the hidden belief systems that sabotage your ability to create more money.

It’s best to also take the free Basic Quantum Prosperity and Advanced Quantum Prosperity video courses on this website.

Prosperity/Abundance Number One (45 Minutes)

  • Aggressively shakes up resistance to success
  • Cleans out blockages that hold you back
  • Infuses higher vibrations for a new foundation
  • Gets your financial life moving in a positive direction


Prosperity/Abundance Number Two (46 minutes)

  • Relaxes you into the tension caused by change
  • Helps you assimilate new changes with ease
  • Releases hidden negative beliefs
  • Helps transform poverty into prosperity


Prosperity/Abundance Number Three (45 minutes)

  • Aggressively breaks down stuck energy patterns
  • Rebuilds memory pathways for success
  • Up-levels prosperity consciousness
  • Helps generate abundance without struggle


Prosperity/Abundance Number Four (46 Minutes)

  • Helps magnetize abundance to you
  • Gracefully expands your foundation for wealth
  • Reformats your subconscious for receiving
  • Helps lock in higher vibratory rates of success


Prosperity/Abundance Number Five (58 Minutes)

  • Reduces impatience and over expectation
  • Raises consciousness for good fortune
  • Brings peacefulness to time delay irritation
  • Enhances continuous money growth with ease