These are Unsolicited Comments

“I see energy and the Quantum Healing CDs are very different than other CDs. I see a beautiful energy show; it’s like being inside a dancing rainbow.” Virginia B., Auburn, CA

“I love your CDs and so do all of my patients. They say ‘wow, where did you get that CD’ and I tell them.” P.J. Z., L. Ac., Cameron Park, CA

“The Joy CD is amazing. I play it every day and I’ve been feeling great! I feel the energy in it and it’s incredible.” Kristi B., TN

“You are truly assisting the healing of our planet.” Mary F., Las Vegas, NV

“This is very, very powerful stuff!!! What I just experienced was quite new and wonderful”. Jeri P., Playa del Rey, CA

“Wow! It’s so deep it’s almost impossible to comprehend. Thank you for your gift of healing.” Kristin H., Scottsdale, AZ

“The music moved me out of victim mode, empowering me to better organize my thoughts and actions.” Marilyn Joyce, author: Five Minutes to Health

“I use the Breakthrough CD as a background with my Special Ed students. They are more settled, not into pettiness, and are much more cooperative. There is a very noticeable difference; and other teachers have also noticed the difference. It’s been making my job much more enjoyable.” April M., Medina, NY

“Helps me get into a tranquil state and assists me in focusing while studying, especially technical data.” Pauline K., Registered Nurse

“I find that the music relaxes my clients. It directly harmonizes and balances the chakras.” James H., Licensed Acupuncturist

I guess I’m just determined and a bit anxious to heal all of this trauma and pain I’m dealing with at this time and your healing CDs are helping a lot.   Angela

Last summer I was diagnosed with two abnormal skin cells requiring two separate surgeries. Shad suggested that I begin listening prior to my surgeries, that it would be as helpful pre-op as post-op. I listened almost daily from August through November. In November I scheduled my long overdue total hip replacement for January. By this time, I had been listening to this CD for five months! My surgery went well! To my delight, I experienced very little pain and was overjoyed at the various responses from the hospital staff! The nurses and technicians told me how great I was doing and how wonderful my incision looked.  “WOW” became the word of the day! I chuckled inwardly attributing much gratitude to Shad’s healing music. Thanks Shad! Based on my experiences, the “Post Surgery” CD could really be called “Pre and Post Surgery: Faster Recovery!” Sincerely,  Joye S.

I love the Land of Miracles CD, and when I think about it I have experienced some unexpected small miracles lately.    Tracey from Australia

“The music opened something inside me, centering me and getting me back on track.” Sandie B., Massage Therapist, Las Vegas, NV

(Flush & Balance CD) “It was incredible, the release that occurred while I worked on my client. As I located stuck emotions and energy it would release it – where before I would have to work with that area for a while. I will be using this CD on the first session for most of my clients.” Sage W., LPN, Sodus, NY

“I play them continuously, I never get tired of them. I also like the way they put my clients in a beautiful relaxing mood.” Linda O., Licensed Chiropractor

(Stress Release CD set) “I continue to experience an exceptional level of relief from stress. I’m sharing it with my family members.” Jack D,. Indianapolis, IN

“It has a special calming effect on my nervous system and I get in touch with deeper feelings that help me to change my old beliefs. I can sense a clearing of the auric field.” Barbara L., Clairvoyant, Counselor

“Transformational and uplifting. One need not feel or understand these vibrations to get the healing benefits.” Karin L., Sound Energy Researcher

“I experienced a remarkable increase in my energy level. When working on clients, I noticed that blockages were removed more easily.” Ken G., Certified Reiki Master / Teacher

“The music not only calms down hyper children, it also sparks their imaginations.” Nina E., Governess, CA

“I have used it effectively to release internal blocks in the emotional field. It also synchronizes the left and right hemispheres of the brain.” Dennis W., Rejuvenation Research and Development Inc.

“They are phenomenal!” Bea S., Life Journey Bookstore, Metairie, LA

(Inside the Crystal) “Like eavesdropping on the music of the spheres… seems to suspend reality.” P.J. Birosik, New Age Retailer Magazine

“This is beyond music… a pull into another dimension.” Anthony Scaffde, New Frontier Magazine

(Letting Go CD) “I loved it so much I listened twice right after I opened it. It brought me to tears just letting go of things. I can tell you it works extremely well, and the sound of it, it’s just beautiful.” Patricia A., Henrietta, NY

Anxiety Release resonated in my body – feels to the core – millions of cells being energized.   Janie C.   Racine, WI

Not a day goes by that I don’t listen to one of your amazing, inspiring, life-changing CD’s. I am so grateful.  Julie S.

Thank you for your healing CD’s. They are helping me.    Angela

I have your “Magic Doorways”. It helped me really well to resolve a doubt I have had in my mind. I only used the first track so far. I look forward to the others.    Helena L. Spain

Gary and I have been using most of the CD’s…. nearly every day…. Love them – I believe I am experiencing shifts.     Caren Kolerski.  Speaker, Author, Life Coach

I’m just so eternally grateful because I’m feeling so well. Usually by now I experience headaches and I can hear my heart in my ears… I usually can’t sleep I get up and walk to the bathroom and when I get back to my bed I’m exhausted like I just ran a marathon. ALL THAT IS GONE – THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.     Beverly

Left/Right Brain – I use this CD when my clients come in. I test the vibration of their brain when they arrive. I test again when they get ready to leave – Brain vibration is always 100% after listening to this CD!   Jan M. TBA Practitioner

I’m glad I ordered the Higher Consciousness Activation CD. After my dad’s funeral I was feeling really raw emotionally, and I laid down and listened to the CD, and about half way through I felt a very large, angelic like presence hold my arm, and at the same time I felt a soothing, comforting, loving energy/being brush my cheek. It was amazing and just what I needed. I also had communication from my Dad 3 times since he passed, after listening to this CD. This CD really helps me remember what I had lost touch with – my connection to “home”, the spiritual realms. This CD really does everything that is described on the insert.     Tracey from Australia

Left/Right Brain – The CD is amazing. I was FOCUSED at tennis today. Got into my body and out of my emotions and won!!! Bonnie

“A harmonic blend of heart and magic, a rainbow of sonic splendor. Lustrous!” Carol Wright, NAPRA Review

”Highly inspiring. This music is a must for the mind, body and soul.” Lou Lois, Heartsong Review

(Crystal Dreams CD) “I love it” Ray B., Inner Light, Tracy, CA

“They’re extraordinary, they can lift people to another state of consciousness.” Aileen Nobles, Author: Get Off The Karmic Wheel

“I felt an overall ‘energy tingle’ that was very strong!!” Jasper Laybutt, Editor Ambience Magazine

“One of the few products that actually does what it says it will.” Brian Thomas, Magical Blend Magazine

(Crystal Dreams) “Everyone I let hear it says ‘I have to have it’.” Elise Bailey, Felicity Bookstore

“I recommended Inside the Crystal… I feel like I’m in a crystal forest.” Marlene Haidu, New Woman Magazine

“It actually helps my kids study! I think that’s really important” Diane Lander, Editor Live! Magazine

(Mystical Journey series: Inside the Crystal, Crystal Dreams, Crystal Heart) “Highly recommended for spiritual voyagers who are ready to make the ultimate quantum leap into multi-dimensional realities.” Linda Atnip, Alternatives Magazine

(Crystal Dreams CD) “I went into a state that I can only describe as a dreamer’s dream, very deep and pleasant.” Jane S., Honolulu, HI

I have Crystal Dreams, Letting Go and Higher Consciousness Activation CD’s and I love them.     Raven

“My cat had been sick for two days… …I put on the Regeneration CD and he went to sleep in the sun for the morning, then perked up and started meowing for food, a sure sign he was feeling better. I know your music sped up the healing process.” Beth L., Burbank, CA

(Mystical Journey CDs: Inside the Crystal, Crystal Dreams, Crystal Heart) “I don’t just hear Shad’s music, I also feel it on a level that I have never experienced before with music. His work is now an important tool in my practice of bringing health and awareness to others.” David K., LMT, Amherst, NY

(Shambhala Chakra CD) “On an experiential level I really feel love energy from it and it’s wonderful. I feel that I’m in a very different place.” Helen E., Buffalo, NY

“I got the Crystal Heart CD and a couple others. The amount of growth I’ve gone through has been astounding. It’s truly all about love. I can’t explain in words how much you are appreciated.” Gary M., Westerville, OH

“My experience with Inside the Crystal was incredible. I’m psychic and I sense things on deep levels. This CD allowed my whole being to undo old restrictions and rebuild with new awakenings.” Debbie R., Redondo Beach, CA

(Post Surgery CD) “I can feel the energy and my scars got lighter.” Bonnie R., Therapist, Snyder, NY

I used your CDs with my kids again this year for their journaling experiences. They just enhanced everything. The kids even wrote down what was playing in their journals. Thanks so much for sharing your gifts! They make such a difference in so many lives!  Carol, Middle School Teacher

I just love how the sound of your CDs changes every time you listen to them. It’s interesting how shifts in consciousness change experiences.    Angela

This morning I had difficulty getting motivated. Then I put on ‘Land of Miracles’ and straight away began to feel cheery and ready. It is amazing the deep reaching effects these CD’s have. I just can’t thank you enough for their help.       Helena L.  Houston, TX

The prosperity CDs have affected me in that I am not preoccupied and constantly worrying about money and finances. The longer I listen my negative inner self-talk has faded.     Tracey from Australia

“The Flush and Balance CD is wonderfully relaxing.” Peg R., Hilton, NY

“Using the Enormous Endeavors CD gave me the clarity to answer my own questions. I had very balanced clarity.” James T., Albuquerque, NM

“Thank you for the CDs. Keep on doing what you’re doing – It’s doing a lot of good for humanity” Rabbi G., Monsey, NY

“When I was in the nursing home and feeling like I was going to die, or just any emotional stuff that was coming up at all – all I had to do was put on the Flush and Balance CD and I felt like a cool bath would come over me and cleanse me of all those kinds of thoughts and feelings.” Ajna L., Solana Beach, CA

“Music is a prescription item in my clinic. It is the component that opens the body and allows the remedies to penetrate. The quantum healing technology creates comfort, ease, healing and a greater quality of life. Ninety percent of the music prescriptions used in my clinic, are created by Shad Diamond.” Gene D, Advanced Energy Healer, Unicorn Lightworks Center, NC

“I use various CDs in my massage and body work practice, which has been a wonderful value added part of my treatments. My clients relax and let go with greater ease, and I’m never tired of listening to the CDs as I am with other artists.” Helena L., Henrietta, NY

“I used the Post Surgery CD and I didn’t believe it at first, but it worked. I also used the Enormous Endeavors CD and got a paper done early for school.” Margaret T., Pittsburgh, PA

“Whenever I’ve had an I.V. or a test or M.R.I. etc., I could listen to the Post Surgery CD and I would be completely restored. I think it dealt with every level of trauma in my body and I was myself again afterword.” Alanna L., Tucson, AZ

“I’ve used the ‘Faster Processing and Integration’ CD a lot. It helps me calm down and bring things into perspective. And it helps me deal with issues in a more centered way.” Barb H., Teacher, Buffalo, NY

(Various CDs) “It balances and realigns the chakra systems. Excellent for the mentally imbalanced, those in comas, and cases of mental deterioration. Good to get into hospitals and to therapists. Good for arthritis because it balances inflammations. Excellent for addictions. It also opens the door for unconscious memory, and it’s good for people who have a lack of oxygen in their systems.” Dr. Peeples / William Rainen

“Shad, I’ve been using your CDs in my healing sessions and have found them to be profound. Have you produced the final version of Higher Consciousness Activation yet? If so, I would love a copy.” Barbara B., Sound Therapist, Coppell, TX

“Shad Diamond’s CD called Breakthrough has brought just that – breakthrough – in my sessions with substance addicted clients.” Diane E., Cranial Sacral Therapist, Roanoke, VA

“I am recovering from Stage IIIB breast cancer. One of the components of my healing has been to work with the Cancer Countermeasure CDs. There are times when it’s difficult for a cancer patient to find the energy to do things. Listening to the CDs is easy, relaxing and a building experience rather than a draining experience. During my surgery I used other pieces from Shad Diamond’s collection. My surgeon was dumbfounded at how little blood I lost during my mastectomy – less than two tablespoons.” Maria D., Apex, NC

(In a letter to her doctor) “I’ve been using Shad Diamond’s Cancer Countermeasure CDs, and as a cancer survivor I have found them to be absolutely wonderful – extremely soothing and peaceful. I sense a strengthening of my immune system and an inner strength I did not have prior to their use. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is dealing with cancer or would like to prevent it.” Barbara K., Hamburg, NY

“Cancer Countermeasure helped me to comfort my mother. Visitors could feel the vibrations throughout the room even when the music volume was barely audible. I have since recommended it to others, and now use other quantum healing titles in my office.” Dr. Natalie Sadler, MD, Chapel Hill, NC

“The use of the Enormous Endeavors CD has been more than instrumental in the founding and growing of my retreat center.” Sabra B., Director Azaya Inc.

“Thank you for the 2 CDs Enormous Endeavors and Grounding. Life has gotten much easier and any seeming problems that appear are quickly turned over for perfect resolution.” Vangie, Las Vegas, NV

“I started using the ‘Stress Relief’ and then ‘Deep Sound Sleep’ to go to sleep. I noticed a dramatic change during the daytime. Normally paperwork is mind boggling to me, I hate it. But I’ve had such clarity lately that I move through it easily.” SW, Rochester, NY

“I can’t tell you how the CDs work, but I can attest that they have for me. And from a standpoint of safety, there’s no damage that can be done.” MMD, VP – Clinical Research Company, Research Triangle Park, NC

(Prosperity/Abundance CDs) “I don’t know how it works, but it DOES WORK! Opportunities opened, finances showed up and other areas improved too. For example, I was able to spend more time with friends & family and lost some weight that previously wouldn’t budge.” Cindy C., LMSW, Reiki and IET practitioner, Fairport, NY

“Every time I play it, someone wants to buy it.” Carol F., Chocorua, NH

(Stress Relief CDs) “I was really stressed out and didn’t even know it. Now people have started complimenting my demeanor.” Robert C., NYC, NY

“When I’m going a thousand miles an hour in the head, I put on the Faster Processing and Integration CD and I can think of things and they just start coming together. Anyone can dream, but this effects the whole being.”  Julia D., Houston, TX

(Prosperity/Abundance CDs) “I have experienced the inflow of not only money but positive experiences and people into my life.” Pat F., Columbus, GA

(Prosperity/Abundance CDs) “A great way to overcome negative belief patterns.” Diane F., Rochester, NY

“I’ve never heard the end of the Deep Sound Sleep CD, or the middle for that matter. I’m usually fast asleep within a few minutes.” Bob H., Anaheim, CA

(Anxiety Release CD) “I’ve been dealing with anxiety for months and this CD has really helped me.” Diane L., Thousand Oaks, CA

(Prosperity/Abundance CDs) “I see the abundance in many ways besides money being played out. I am prosperous with love of self and experience joy and humor with a new abundance. I am so very grateful.” Jean, Rochester, NY

(Prosperity/Abundance CDs) “My client base is increasing, I’m getting new calls each week.” C. W., Canandaigua, NY

(Stress Relief CD) “This is a no-brainer for me. As a health practitioner I know the real value of getting rid of stress.” J. M., Atlanta, GA

“I started the Crystal Dreams CD and it seemed like 10 minutes later I realized I had listened for the whole hour. Wow, I couldn’t believe it! It took me somewhere I can’t even describe.” Allen K., Roland Heights, CA

“These CD’s are amazing and some I can feel it in my energy like it is moving through my body especially ‘Simplicity’ kind of makes me want to cry too. You don’t know how grateful I am that I met you at the Sage Center and grateful for these CD’s you make.” Angela R.

(Deep Sound Sleep CD) “I don’t know how it works, but it does every time I use it and that’s all I care about.” Sue M., Honeoye, NY

“I play the Anxiety Release CD when trimming my pet’s nails, grooming or giving a bath and noticed that they are much calmer and more relaxed. It’s easier for me to get them done more quickly.” Cheryl B., Columbus, OH

“Our Rainbow Group meditated together on your Crystal Heart CD last Monday night… I have never felt such a deep peace… none of us could speak or move from our chairs when it finished… it was quite amazing!” Lynn R. Group Member

(Deep Sound Sleep CD) “It knocked me out right away. The next thing I knew it was morning.” Taylor R, Denver, CO

“Thanks for all of your amazing and life changing creations.  I bought a bunch of your CDs years ago and I’m getting back into listening to your music now that its available digitally. Dave R., Chicago, IL

(Crystal Dreams CD) “It was very cool to give a Reiki session to it, and my client was so relaxed and really taking it in. Annie Y., Hilton, NY

Let me express my sincere gratitude for your presence and influence in my life. Your courses, CD’s, and Divine assistance have impacted me in such a positive way. I am nothing but grateful! Nancy M., Rochester, NY

We listen to five of your cd’s every night, through the night…beautiful and helpful. Thank you. Birgitt W., NC

Thank you for your wonderful CD’s. I own several and each one is phenomenal. Amy M. S., NY                                                                                                                                                         

“The CD Enormous Endeavors is extremely comforting when you have a stressful job. I listen to it on my way to work and it changes my whole disposition and my ability to cope.” Toni B., Rochester, NY

“Your work has been a great, new obsession for me. I wish I could “tune in” to your music 24 x 7 and heal at an exponential rate.” C.F., Madison, TN

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