As a child I was curious about things that other kids didn’t seem to care about. And I realized that for some unknown reason there were certain things that I “just knew”. How I happened to know those things when many others did not, seemed kind of odd.

I was intrigued by how different musical instruments made different sounds, the relationships of harmonics, and how everything vibrated. This led me to noticing that everything in nature had vibrations and as I got older I realized that everything had it’s own specific resonance. Eventually I concluded that vibrations had to be more than just what we observe in front of us – they had to extend into unperceiveible realms and that everything had to be interrelated throughout the entire universe. At nine years old I knew that my primary interests were spirituality and science, which at the time were thought to be opposite positions of thought by my elders.

(Fast Forward) After many years of intentionally working on self-realization, I was able to determine several aspects of my life purpose. I learned that I had an agreement with my soul to bring the Quantum Sensory Experience technology to this planet, and that the reason I could understand it is because another part of me is already doing this work in another world somewhere else. I also found out that I have a total of 146 incarnated lifetimes, and only 3 of them are on earth. Most of my soul’s existence is in other star systems. This is when it started to make sense why I innately knew certain things. As I keep awakening with more and more clarity I’m continually amazed at what existence is all about… a never-ending expansion of consciousness.

It’s my soul that carries the natural enthusiasms of music, research, healing, spirituality and science (especially the “fringe” sciences) and these are all aspects of my current life purpose. However with the assistance of the Akashic Records, I was able to discover the “spiritual version” of this life purpose. It’s a bigger picture – it describes the raw essence of what I am learning this time.


Here is the Akashic translation of that purpose:

Healing the heart of mankind through a progressive unfoldment of how the heart wants to feel and see. And how the mind wants to open, receive and examine lasting options of contracting and contrasting experiences…  

…only to find that LOVE truly opens the bridges to all avenues, to all openings, to all options…  

…thus making all research an expression of creative LOVE in an interaction with Life itself.

The true miracle resides within the Heart’s ability to open a bridge to the mind, that the body can understand. With it comes an amazing awakening – the Enlightened and Aware Self.