Crystals ( 3 parts)

Shad Diamond

This is a class on Crystals presented in three segments. It covers dozens and dozens of mostly esoteric understandings that detail what crystals are and how they inter-relate with humans. Some of the discussion covers relatively basic knowledge, but it expands into areas that very few people know about.

Much of the information can not be found in any of the written books that currently exist.

More Details

The class on Crystals is presented in 3 sections. Part one talks about universal applications, metaphysical applications, enlightenment, crystal music, and the esoteric differences between rocks and crystals.

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Crystals part two talks about star crystals, earth crystals, consciousness shift, spiritual evolution, the mineral kingdom, co-creation, absorbing consciousness, life forms, intention, programming, local evolution, and consciousness infusions.

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The last section of Crystals reveals some esoteric information and some more common information. Topics include where consciousness infusions come from, how the infusions occur, recorders and amplifiers of intention, programming, erasing and reprogramming, cleaning crystals, accelerating consciousness, communication with crystals and manufactured crystals. There are also explanations on chakra balancing and frequency entrainment misunderstandings.

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